Copper Kettle Restaurant
Discover Copper Kettle yourselves! We will be happy to serve you our delicious meals, provide courteous service, warm hospitality and charming atmosphere.


Welcome to the Copper Kettle Restaurant – home of fine European dining!

The charming perennial gardens surround the restaurant and its patios.

The homegrown herbs and produce of vegetable and fruit gardens located on the restaurant property enhance the tantalizing summer and fall menu.

Both owners, Ivana and Wlado are always present on premises and are proud to ensure that the ingredients used in a preparation of all meals are only of the best quality and freshness.

The dining experience in Copper Kettle is like a trip to Europe without travelling.

Copper Kettle’s décor is truly unique. The small dining room is very tastefully decorated with a rare collection of antique tools and kitchen utensils, which both owners have collected for almost a half of the century. They gladly answer all questions about each displayed artifact.

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